2015 Year End Highlights

2015 pretty and perky year end highlights

Hi everyone!!!  We made it!  This year flew by so quickly that I can’t believe it’s already New Years Eve.  There were so many fun and amazing things that happened this year, and it’s time to take a look back at some of the highlights.  So here are our Top Ten 2015 Year End Highlights!

pretty and perky year end highlights crafted

10. We opened a retail shop.  Earlier this March we opened our very own shop at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.  We’ve been there for almost 10 months now, and it’s been fantastic.   We love being surrounded by other artisans that love their craft.  We work, share business ideas, laugh, and laugh some more.  We understand the struggles of working late nights, ordering last minute supplies because we miscalculated something, and the warm feeling we experience when we all do well.  Come visit us if you haven’t already!!

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