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If you want to know more about Pretty and Perky, then you’ll have to go to the beginning, and learn a little more about me… *queue Wayne’s Worlds dissolve

Yes, I’ll admit… I actually have dreams about soap…  This obsession began in 1999 when I first watched the movie Fight Club.   Between the scenes of men beating each other up, Brad Pitt’s sweaty abs, and the horrors of living in that abandoned warehouse, my eyes caught something that would change me forever… soap making.

As soon as I rushed home, I immediately began googling “handmade soaps” as well as “soap making”.  Up until that point, I had no idea that you could make your own soaps, let alone in your own home!

Since then I’ve made beautiful olive oil soaps, fun and colorful glycerin soaps, soaps shaped like everything from animals to food, and I’ve come to realize that … I loved all of it!  It wasn’t until the last couple of years where I’ve dreamt of opening my own little soap shop.   Finally late 2011 I sat down and began brainstorming to what has now become Pretty and Perky.  Since the launch of my soap making career, I’ve attended local fairs, craft shows, and the response have been amazing.

So why did I decide to call this line of products Pretty and Perky?  It’s simply because I believe that being pretty is impossible without being perky.  No I’m not talking about perky as in the lack of gravitational pull on your body parts…(you have such a dirty mind) but an inner perkiness.   To truly be attractive, I believe that one must also be spirited, positive, and confident.  That’s how the name of Pretty and Perky came to be!  It also helps that it’s quite catchy :D

So now that I’ve finally opened my own little soap shop online as well as a shop in San Pedro, I want to thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope that you find something that you’ll fall in love with, and keep coming back for more.



Creative Director / Soap Maker

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