2015 Year End Highlights

2015 pretty and perky year end highlights

Hi everyone!!!  We made it!  This year flew by so quickly that I can’t believe it’s already New Years Eve.  There were so many fun and amazing things that happened this year, and it’s time to take a look back at some of the highlights.  So here are our Top Ten 2015 Year End Highlights!

pretty and perky year end highlights crafted

10. We opened a retail shop.  Earlier this March we opened our very own shop at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.  We’ve been there for almost 10 months now, and it’s been fantastic.   We love being surrounded by other artisans that love their craft.  We work, share business ideas, laugh, and laugh some more.  We understand the struggles of working late nights, ordering last minute supplies because we miscalculated something, and the warm feeling we experience when we all do well.  Come visit us if you haven’t already!!

pretty and perky repeat customers

9.  Having Repeat Customers.  Having customers come back for repeat purchases has been an amazing experience.  Whether it’s someone that found us at Crafted, a pop-up event, Etsy, or received something as a gift, to have someone make a repeat purchase (or multiple) is a freaken amazinggggggggg feeling.  It just lets us know that you like us… you really like us… ;D

pretty and perky pop-up shows

8.  Pop-up events.  We’ve had the pleasure of being a vendor at so many great events this year.  Rancho Palo Verdes Festival, Ladies First Events, Patchwork Shows, Anaheim Packing House, and L.A. Live just to name a few.  The days are long, the weeks of prepping for an event may be crazy, but it’s so fun.  Pop ups are when we get to meet so many new customers, and hangout with familiar faces.

pretty and perky 2015 year end highlights

7.  Increasing our batch sizes.  Business this year has been great.  What that means is, we’ve had to increase our batch sizes.  Soaps we used to make a dozen at a time have increased dramatically.  Our stainless steel tables are always lined up with molds, and our bakers racks are filled with soaps that are drying.  This makes us so happy :)

pretty and perky year end highlights

6.  Ordering professional labels.  As a small business you try to do everything yourself.  This means you create, package, order supplies, answer emails, and of course design and print your own labels.  We still do all of these things ourselves except the fact that we ordered professional labels for the very first time.  Ahhh, the feeling of seeing your labels printed nicely on a roll is very satisfying.

pretty and perky custom soaps

5.  Custom Orders.  We’ve been lucky enough to be part of so many weddings, wedding renewals, bridal showers, and baby showers this year.  You’ve loved our stuff and have decided to share them with all of your loved ones. Lot’s of little guest soaps made it into the hands of your families and friends and we’re so grateful.  Thank you for keeping us in mind for your special day :)

pretty and perky 2015 year end highlights

4.  Small Business Saturday.  This was our first year taking part of Small Business Saturday and it was a success!  We passed out over 100 canvas bags and sold out of lots of soap.  Thank you so much to everyone that came out to visit us in San Pedro, CA.

pretty and perky year end highlights

3.  Friends and Family.  Of course we can’t think of Small Business Saturday without thanking our friends and family’s support.  Unfortunately I had to take an emergency sick day the weekend after Thanksgiving, but Jon’s parents were able to save the day!  Of course the support has been felt with all of our friends and family, so thank you to everyone that has visited us at our store, pop-up events, and have continued to help us spread the word.

Pretty and Perky Eye on LA

2.  Press and reviews.  Since we’re a team of two and neither one of us is a marketing genius, we appreciate every single review, blog post, and press we’ve received.  Thank you to everyone that has taken their time to give us a review or shoutout.  Here are just a few highlights of this year: That L.A. Writer, Dottie and Her Dobie, Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles: Home of Handmade, and most recently Eye on LA.

pretty and perky instagram

1.  Social Media.  Lastly, we are so grateful to all the fans and followers we’ve gained on all of our Social Media Accounts.  Our Instagram followers is at 597 and our Facebook Fan Page has 222 likes!  Though we have a small following compared to many other indie beauty brands, we’re grateful to each and every one of you that have decided to support us.  We get sweet messages and comments every day through our various accounts, and know that it’s all about quality over quantity.  So thank you for being part of our lives and letting us be part of yours.  Your stories and photos of our products are all so awesome, and we often go back and reread all the wonderful messages to keep us motivated.

And that’s it folks, our year end highlights, review, roundup, top ten, everything post lol.  This blog has been greatly neglected and it’s our New Year’s Resolution to keep the blog updated, along with updating our Etsy Shop, and finally launching our own shop on PrettyandPerky.com.  We hope you all party hard tonight and remember to scrub up tomorrow with one of our soaps for a brand new day :)

Cheers have a great New Year,


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  1. Love this info on the web site. I went to etsy again and didn’t find the one I wanted. This webpage shows so must more. I was wanting the grapefruit that was the sample. I want more. It’s great. I am going to send you the one soap I have made. Just a hobby Wish I could be closer to the area and watch this process in action ,watch you in action what a treat. What a talent. Great job

    1. Thank you so much for all your support Stephanie! We’re so glad that you enjoy our products :) Soap making is so fun and I’m glad that you’ve gotten a taste of it. Keep up with the hobby!

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