Pretty and Perky’s Grand Opening Celebrations at Crafted

grand opening celebrations at crafted

Hello hello!  How are you guys??  I apologize for not posting anything new in months.  We’ve been really busy at our new shop, and unfortunately this blog has been neglected :(.  No need to worry because we’re back to blogging.  The past two months at Crafted have really been amazing.  I’ll definitely be blogging more about our experiences in the upcoming posts :).  Let’s start off with a quick photo taken at our grand opening celebrations at Crafted (I don’t remember who took my camera and snapped this shot, but thank you so much)!  There was ribbon cutting, lots of cheering, and of course we had champagne.

grand opening celebrations at crafted

grand opening celebrations at crafted

Did our celebrations end there?  No way Jose!  That night we attended a fun groundbreaking event held at Warehouse 9 for Brouwerij West.  Brouwerij West specializes in brewing classic Belgian beer and will be our neighbors very soon.  What… delicious beer only steps away from our shop??  We are living dangerously over here… hahahah.

grand opening celebrations at crafted

brouwerij west ground breaking

Because they needed to update the wood siding on the warehouse, we were all invited to decorate the original wood before it was covered over.

brouwerij west ground breaking

Yay!  Here was our mark :D

chori-man at crafted at the port of los angeles

Of course all that painting left us super hungry.  Good thing Chori-Man was there cooking his artisanal chorizos.  Here was my order of quesadilla with green chorizo.  Prepare for some sexy quesadilla pictures lol…

artisanal chorizo chori man

chori-man chorizo

crafted chori man chorizo

chori man green chorizo quesadilla

Ta da!  Yup, my quesadilla was topped with arugula, pickled onions, and crema.  The extra salad cancels out the calories in the quesadilla right???

grand opening celebrations at crafted

It was Linda’s birthday that week so Rachel gathered all of us to sing Happy Birthday.  Unfortunately it was pretty dark and I couldn’t get any good pictures of all of us singing…

grand opening at crafted at the port of los angeles

But there’s the birthday girl on the left!  Hi Linda *waving :D

brouwerij west groundbreaking

grand opening celebrations at crafted

The walls came out so beautifully!  Some people are just so freaken talented.

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