Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing Part 1

Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing part 1

If you’ve read our previous post then you’d know that we were in the Out Of The Box Sampler’s September 2014 box.  This was our first time joining a subscription / sampler box program and we were delighted to be part of their “Think Pink” themed box for September.  Since we sent in 100 samples, we received a box as well!  I always love reading unboxing blog posts so I figured I’d post one as well :)  This way you all get to experience what I did.  Let’s dig in!

Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing

Since our mailman dropped off our package the morning we left for our vacation, I decided to bring the box with us and take photos of it in our hotel room.  So unfortunately every photo was taken on the hotel bed lol.

Out Of The Box Sampler 2014 Unboxing Part 1 think pink

Here’s the post card that came with the box with the theme and Box Sponsor printed on it.  For September 2014 it was Restoried Designs.

Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing

Here’s the back of the card with a little thank you note as well as more more information on the upcoming boxes and themes.  October will have 2 boxes.  Hallo Scream Boo Box and Pumpkin Patch.  We’ve already sent out our samples for those two boxes so make sure you buy one if you want to get a little something from us!

out of the box sampler coupon code

Every box comes with a list of exclusive coupon codes for all of the vendors as well as a list of their shop web addresses.  I see our coupon code!

Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing

Michelle always packs the edibles outside of the main pink box so this was the first thing I pulled out.  It was a lollipop from Home and Family.  At first I thought that it was just heart shaped, but after checking out their store I figured it was in the shape of a bride and groom with a heart background.  I was almost right!

Gourmet Lollipop from home and family etsy

This was a grape flavored.  Their shop is really cool because they make everything from lollipops, rock candy, candles, pretzels, and even lip balm.

Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing

Since the lollipop was the only edible I received, it was onto the main pink box.  Look at how cute the little pink ribbon looks.  Love the extra detail.

Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing

The first thing I pulled out of the box was the cutest little pink and white dotted organza bag.

that's the cutest thing etsy

Pink cupcake clips from That’s The Cutest Thing!  They specialize in knit and crochet items for kids.  The photos they have on their shop are absolutely adorable.  If you’re looking for cute gifts for kids then you check them out.

that's the cutest thing etsy shop

Here’s their business card with all of their information.  Your shop is so cute Vicky!

Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing

The next item I pulled out was another little organza bag.  I can see that it had a pink tea light but couldn’t tell what the other item was.

slippery slope soaps etsy

It was a Butter Bath Bomb from Slippery Slope Soaps.  Love the rose shape.

butter bath bomb

This little bath bomb was too cute and I can’t wait to try it out.  I’m not sure what the scent was but it smelled great!

pink tea light

How cute is this little pink tea light?  It got a little dented but it’s ok!  Still perfectly fine to burn.

slippery slope soaps

Here is their business card with contact information.  They are a Mother and Daughter team and specialize in all natural bath and home products.  Their shop is filled with candles, bath bombs, bath salts, soaps, body washes, and so much more.  I’m telling you.. there’s a lot of stuff to choose from.

And that concludes Part 1 of our Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014 Unboxing.  Stay tuned for the rest.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss a posting, make sure you sign up for our newsletter (top right column).  We only email once a month so you won’t have to be worried about getting flooded with emails :)

See you on Part 2!




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  1. I love that you’re reviewing your “think pink” sampler box and I love even more, that you’re in it as well as our October samplers! Pretty & Perky is Fabulous! Looking forward to part 2,3 & 4 ♥

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