We were in the Out Of The Box Sampler September 2014

pretty and perky out of the box sampler

We were in the Out of the Box Sampler September 2014 box!  This was our first time to join in a sample box program and we’ve already received lots of great feedback from their subscribers.  Thank you again Michelle for allowing us to join your program!

out of the box sampler ootb 2014 sampler

If you didn’t know already, Out Of The Box Sampler is a sample box program that features only handmade and handcrafted products.  They’ve been putting together boxes since 2006, and have a strong following on their website as well as their Facebook page.  The September box theme was “Think Pink” and we decided to create some fun pink products that their subscribers would love.

2014 september out of the box sampler

Since it’s nearing the end of the Summer, we wanted to take our Blue Lagoon Soap and tint it pink.  Who doesn’t want to smell like fresh rain, salty air, and a touch of floral and leafy green?  The ground pumice also is a great exfoliator for those tired feet.  Sandal season is still here man!

out of the box sampler review

Here are the super cute sample sized Pink Lagoon Soaps we created for the box.  Here they are freshly cut and drying on our racks.  We often make these sample sized soaps for party and shower favors because they’re perfectly sized and ultra cute.  They are also travel friendly and make great guests soaps.  Email us if you’re thinking about a custom order!

ootbs review

After drying on our racks for a few days, we shrink wrap each bar by hand.  It can be a little tedious but we find that shrink wrapping each bar like this is the best way to keep every bar fresh.  The soap doesn’t dry out and the fragrance stays nice and strong.

custom soap favors

These sample bars are too cute!  When we make these guest bars for party favors, we customize each label.

pretty and perky out of the box sampler

Here they are wrapped up with a sample packet of our Pink Grapefruit Cream Soap.  They are whipped with organic cold pressed coconut oil, avocado oil, pink jojoba beads, and scented with fragrance and pink essential oil.  If you want to checkout how we make and package these, head over here to see lots of pictures and descriptions.

out of the box sampler 2014

And these are the two boxes we scent out!  Did you order a September Out Of The Box Sampler box?  Did you try out our products? Let us know if you loved it!

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