Pink Grapefruit Cream Soap

pretty and perky pink grapefruit cream soapOur Pink Grapefruit Cream Soap is a scent everyone will want in their home.  This is definitely a great unisex scent and loved by people of all ages.  It’s great for your bathrooms but you just might want to keep an extra jar in your kitchen.  Nothing screams clean and fresh like citrus :)

pink grapefruit cream soap

We’ve whipped in Organic Extra Virgin Cold-pressed Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and even Vitamin E so that it’s gentle and moisturizing.  There’s also real Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil blended in with our fragrance so that the scent stays bright and fresh.  Wondering what those cute pink dots are?  Well they’re jojoba beads! Not only are they totally cute, but they are great for a light exfoliation.

whipped pink grapefruit cream soap

Sometimes we like to make a little extra and fill up these tiny pots to give out as samples.   Have you ordered recently?  Did you get a little sample of our Pink Grapefruit Cream Soap??

pink grapefruit essential oil soap

The scent of grapefruit is said to be uplifting, energizing, and we can see why.  This bright, sweet scent will cheer you up every time you smell it.  The light green cream soap behind are our Serenity Cream Soaps.  They smell like a blend of cucumbers, green tea, and a touch of aloe.  A really great spa scent.

pink grapefruit cream soap

After filling each jar by hand, we top it with a protection seal.  This way the cream soap stays moist and the scent stays nice and strong.  If you love anything citrus and are thinking about trying out our cream soap, then head over to our Etsy Shop and pick up a jar of our Pink Grapefruit Cream Soap :)

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