Iced Lemon Cookie Wax Melt

pretty and perky iced lemon cookie wax melt

If you don’t typically like foodie or bakery fragrances but want to try one out… then our Iced Lemon Cookie Wax Melt is perfect for you.  It’s the perfect blend of tart lemons, buttery cookies, and a drizzle of sweet vanilla icing.  It’s a bakery and foodie scent without being overly sweet.  Impress your guests when you melt this in your kitchen when they visit.  They’ll think that you’re a master baker :) .

iced lemon cookie wax melt

We first pour the lemon layer and let it set for a bit.  When the wax is still warm the color is more intense.  Because we blend soy and paraffin wax together to make our secret wax recipe, it’s perfect if you have a light bulb melter.  The blend also creates a really creamy melt that is easy to cut if you prefer to use smaller chunks at a time.

iced lemon cookie wax melt

Here are the melts with the white layer poured on and a sprinkling of real yellow sugar crystals.  Though you may be tempted to lick it.. we really wouldn’t suggest it.. lol.  Doesn’t the wax look creamy and beautiful when it’s setting up?

iced lemon cookie candle

Here they are setup and ready for our cooling rack.  See how much lighter our yellow wax has gotten?  That’s the beautiful soy wax in our blend.

pretty and perky wax melts

And here are the other scents in our Cookie Collection Wax Melts.  Starting from the top left it’s Iced Lemon Cookie, Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie, Iced Oatmeal Cookie, Graham Cracker, and finally our Sugar Cookie Wax Melt.  If you love sweet smelling bakery fragrances then you have to pickup some of our melts from our Etsy Shop.


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