Sugar Cookie Wax Melt

pretty and perky sugar cookie wax melt

We LOVE this scent.  No really, we love it.  Our Sugar Cookie Wax Melt is sweet, rich, and very buttery.  Very very buttery.  If you have a sweet tooth or know someone who does, then you have to pickup a melt to try.  We think that it’s perfect for the kitchen and living room, but if you want to melt it in your bedroom, we won’t judge ;)

sugar cookie wax melt

Here our wax melts are still cooling.  We don’t add any color to the wax except for the little candy sprinkles on top.  You can see that some of the sprinkles sinking in a little.  That’s how they stay on the tart!  The ones in the back are our Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie wax melts.  They’re both part of our Cookie Collection.

sugar cookie wax tarts

Here they are on the cooling tray.  After each batch we like to have them cool for a day before we place the lids on top.  You can imagine how delicious our studio smells when we have trays and trays of these cooling.  Its just like a bakery!

sugar cookie scented wax

Just cooled!  Look at how much more white and opaque the wax has become.  All of our wax melts are made with a house blended mix of soy and paraffin so that it’s soft, creamy, and long lasting.  These have no problem melting in a light bulb melter!

cookie scented wax melts

And here are the other scents in our Cookie Collection Wax Melts.  Starting from the top left it’s Iced Lemon Cookie, Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie, Iced Oatmeal Cookie, Graham Cracker, and finally our Sugar Cookie Wax Melt.  If sweet smelling wax melts are your thing, then check them out on our Etsy Shop.

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