Pink Sea Salt and Citrus Soap

pretty and perky pink sea salt and citrus soap

Our Pink Sea Salt and Citrus Soap is one of our favorites here at the studio and we know that you’ll love it too.  This unisex scent has notes of oranges, grapefruit, aloe, and a touch of lotus.  It’s perfect if you love spa scents.

pink sea salt and citrus soap

We first pour a layer of our honey soap, then pour a layer of the white over it.  We purposely pour the layers before they setup so that you can see some natural swirling between the colors.  No two bars of soap ever have the exact same swirl!

pink sea salt and citrus soap with honey

After the soap has setup, we unmold it onto one of our drying trays.  Look at the beautiful, milky white soap swirling with the honey layer.  It’s like freshly poured milk into coffee or tea.

himalayan pink sea salt soap

The Pink Himalayan Sea Salt we’ve sprinkled have also created a nice natural pattern.  If you’ve never tried soap with salt in it before, then you’re going to be in for a treat.  Even though each grain of our Himalayan Pink Salt looks coarse, it’s actually very smooth when you use it.  It provides a very light exfoliation until the salt layer is used up.  Salt is great for your skin and here is a great article on Live Strong talking more about the benefits.

himalayan pink sea salt and citrus

Sometimes when we make a batch of soap we like to pour a few extras in various cute soap molds.  Sometimes we sell them in sample packs for you to try, and sometimes we throw them into an order for free.  Everything including our regular sized soap bars and our mini bars get shrink wrapped.

pink sea salt and citrus soap

And there it is!  If you want to feel like you’re in a spa every time you shower or wash your hands, then you must get a bar of our Pink Sea Salt and Citrus Soap from our Etsy Shop!

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