Serenity Cream Soap

pretty and perky serenity cream soap

Our Serenity Cream Soap will make you feel like you’re relaxing at a spa.  This clean fragrance has notes of fresh cucumbers, soothing green tea, and just a touch of aloe.  We think that this unisex scent would make the perfect addition to a spa gift set or as a host / hostess gift.  Who wouldn’t love to feel like every shower was a spa day?

whipped serenity cream soap

Once we whip our base to a consistency we like, we then add in Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, fragrance, and a touch of color and whip some more.  As soon as the soap is fluffy and creamy, we pipe it into our jars by hand.  Right now you might be wondering why we’re selling a jar full of air pockets…

whipped cream soap

Well that’s because the previous photo was taken right before we started to tap our jars to death!  Just kidding, we only give it a few good taps and all the product drops down.  Now we repeat the process a few more times until the jar is filled and no air pockets are left. We also weigh each jar to ensure that you are getting a full 8.5 ounces (or more) of product.

pretty and perky cream soap

Here are the jars of freshly whipped Serenity Cream Soaps by our Heartbreaker Cream Soap (front) and Pink Grapefruit Cream Soap (back).  Loving the pastel colors.

serenity cream soap

After the cream soaps have set, we place a protection seal on each jar before screwing on the tops.  This ensures that the soap is is fresh when it arrives to your house.  If you’re interested in trying out our Serenity Cream Soap, then head over to our Etsy Store!

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