Gold Cream Soap

pretty and perky gold cream soap

If you’re looking for something that smells clean, airy, and very sexy, then our Gold Cream Soap is exactly what you’re looking for.  With notes of citrus, vanilla, musk, and a touch of sandalwood, this fragrance is soft but not powdery.  Women go crazy for this scent but lots of guys love it too.

Gold Whipped Cream Soap

We whip Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Vitamin E into every batch of cream soap making it not only gentle, but very moisturizing.  Look at how creamy it looks in the jar.  Makes you want to stick your fingers in it and lick it! But please don’t, cause you don’t want to eat soap :)

Gold Whipped Cream Soap

Look at how soft and creamy it looks.  Kind of like soft serve ice cream.  We whip every batch very carefully so that it’s fluffy but still dense and creamy.  When you shower, you’ll only need to scoop a nickel-sized dollop onto your hand and rub all over your body.  If you use a bath pouf, loofah, or a wash cloth then you are going to get even more bubbles.  This cream soap lathers up like crazy!

Gold Whipped Cream Soap

After the jars of soap are filled, we sprinkle on just a bit of dark gold and light gold mica.  We fancy huh???  Unfortunately the sparkles won’t stay on your skin, but it’s a fun little eye candy we like to add.

Gold Whipped Cream Soap

As soon as the soap is set, we top every jar with a protection seal to keep everything fresh.  If you’ve never tried any of our cream soaps before, then head on over to our Etsy store and pick up a jar of our Gold Cream Soap for yourself :)

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