Lilac and Lavender Olive Oil Soap

lilac and lavender olive oil soap

If you want something floral, soft, feminine, and romantic, then our Lilac and Lavender Olive Oil Soap is perfect for you.  Our lilac scent is bright and sweet, but not heavy.  We’ve also added a touch of lavender to add a bit of complexity to the blend.  Made with lots of olive oil this soap is not only moisturizing, but it’s also very gentle.

Lilac and Lavender Soap

Here it is freshly unmolded.  This part of our job is always so exciting because we finally get a peak on what the inside design will be.

Lilac and Lavender Soap

Pouring the white into our clear soap creates a beautiful magma effect on the bottom.  Absolutely in love with how the edges look like glass.

Lilac and Lavender Soap

Once the soap is cut, the design is finally revealed.  It’s like magma flowing into the ocean.  Wispy, delicate, and beautiful.

Lilac and Lavender Soap

Here’s a closeup for a better view of the inside design.  When we pour our soap, there’s only so much design we can actually prepare for ahead of time.  The rest will just naturally happen, creating spontaneous designs every time.  That’s why no two handcrafted items are ever exactly the same.

Lilac and Lavender Soap

Once the soap has been on our drying racks for a few days, we then shrink wrap each bar by hand.  This way the scent is retained within the packaging and doesn’t evaporate all over the place.  Of course once you start using the soap, the fragrance will start to become stronger as the outside layers are washed away.  In soap making we call it “blooming” :)

If you love what you see and you’re interested in buying a bar of our Lilac and Lavender Olive Oil, then head on over to our Etsy shop!

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